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 Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) was founded in 1972 and it has over 90 chapters nationwide.

We are an organization devoted to bridging the gap between health access and health disparities. Our members are the voices of diversity and advocates of change for healthcare in underserved populations.

The USC chapter has been actively involved in promoting cultural competency among future health professionals while raising health awareness and disease prevention in both neighboring communities and abroad. Our numerous chapter projects include quarterly Mexico Clinic trips, international trips, mentoring undergraduate and high school students, the healthy youth initiative and many more. In addition, we participate in all six SNPhA National Initiatives, which includes the Voting/Immigration Initiative, the Power to End Stroke Initiative, the Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative, the Diabetes Initiative, Operation Immunization and Remember the Ribbon (HIV/AIDS).

Mission Statement:

SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about pharmacy, healthcare related issues, the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-related professions. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement for the health, educational, and social environment of the community.


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Name  Position Email
Loussa Anjejo President
Dewey Nguyen Vice President
Shahrzad Rashidizand President -Elect
Jannet Cardin Secretary
Grant Mason Director of Finance
Fabian Munoz Director of Professional Affairs
Gerson Naverette Level 1 Representative
Tracy Osaji Level 1 Representative 
Gotoc Jody Social Chair
Patrick Tracy HHAB Clinic Co-Director
Cynthia Pham HHAB Clinic Co-Director
Tehsinabanu Sheikh Health Fair Coordinator
TBD Director of Public Relations
Ishani Patel Directors of Healthy Youth Initiative
Kelly Tran Directors of HIV/AIDS Initiative (RTR)
Mark Nashed Director of Diabetes Education
Zaid Sheikh Director of Legislative Initiative
Jeno Mabellin Director of Chronic Kidney Disease
Matana Navabian Director of Immunization Education
Sammy Chaaban Director of Power to End Stroke


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